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Community Involvement Fills the Gaps in Maps

If you agree with the old saying, “Many hands make light work,” you understand why crowdsourcing is an excellent approach for filling gaps and improving accuracy in maps. The practice has been used online for more than a decade and has proven highly effective in identifying and updating many types of geospatial information.

Linda Duffy
6 days and one hour ago

How GPS, Sensor Tracking, Geospatial Imaging Benefit Companies

As a central part of system automation and informed decision making, business analytics and the use of big data will play a major role in supply chain, logistics and infrastructure management. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT), with its sensors that record information along the points in the supply chain and transportation infrastructures, can alert managers of traffic jams, infrastructure repair needs and the timeliness of goods transport. This sensor tracking is particularly effective when it links into GPS tracking and geographic information systems (GIS).

Mary E. Shacklett
4 days and 23 hours ago

7 Drone and Driverless Car Trends for 2016

The year 2016 will be a year of continuous improvements and new technology debuts for both drones and driverless cars. While many of these improvements will be in the areas of LiDAR, sensors, GPS and new computer chip and storage technologies, there are also policy and ergonomics considerations that enter into these seven notable trends.

Mary E. Shacklett
4 days and 23 hours ago

Javad TRIUMPH-LS Overview

A look at how the Javad RTK land survey machine's collect action works.

Valerie King
3 weeks and 2 days ago

Augmented Reality Enriches Land Surveying, Site Construction

Despite the potential benefits that augmented reality (AR) can deliver to surveyors and builders, the technology is relatively unexploited. One reason is that decision makers in these industries — like those in other industries — really don’t know very much about what augmented reality is, or how it can bring business benefits to their organizations. There are several steps companies can take to test the waters for new AR apps that can benefit their businesses without prematurely committing their budgets.

Mary E. Shacklett
about one month and 23 hours ago

How To Succeed At Offensive Customer Service

Often times in our technology, keeping the advantage results in a closed system of information. That can be detrimental to your clients’ understanding of the process and, often, the request for deliverables. Learning how to manage project owner expectations is crucial to building a mutually beneficial venture. In order to address owner expectations, it is important to first understand how expectations are defined.

Michael R. Frecks, LS
one month and 2 weeks ago

New DreamHammer DroneOS Drone Management System

DreamHammer unveiled its drone management system at the inaugural Drone World Expo in San Jose, Calif. The hardware/software solution makes safe drone operation and data collection more user friendly.

Valerie King
2 months and 6 hours ago

Airnest Launches Drone App For Simplified Aerial Imagery

At the 2015 Drone World Expo, GeoDataPoint interviewed Ben Brautigam of Airnest on a new drone management system that automates drone flights and aerial image capture.

Valerie King
about 2 months and 12 hours ago

A Reality Check On Driverless Cars

The issues are now squarely on the radar of driverless technology developers, LIDAR and sensor manufacturers. Now it is a matter of taking each issue and developing the right technologies and man-machine interfaces that can make driverless cars not only autonomous, but responsive to the human foibles of driving in heavy traffic, coupled with the need to resort to technology alternatives when primary systems fail.

Mary E. Shacklett
2 months and 6 days ago