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New Autodesk Suites Focus on LiDAR, Digital Imagery

The 2014 Design and Creation Suites include new reality capture software and services designed to more easily incorporate both laser scans and digital photographs of the physical world into the 3D design and engineering process.

Christine Grahl
2 years and 6 months ago

Recent Changes Make MAGNET Increasingly Attractive

The latest updates to Topcon’s MAGNET suite of products include new features plus some disruptive capabilities that bring the cloud down to earth for surveying, engineering and construction applications.

Christine Grahl
2 years and 8 months ago

Why the Future of Navigation Could Be Local

The limitations of GPS are well understood by professionals who rely on the technology. But what if the "holes" in GPS could be plugged? One technology is doing just that and could change the future of positioning and navigation.

Scotty Fletcher
2 years and 9 months ago

Faster, Safer, Cheaper Inventories for Electric Utilities

Utility audits can involve communications, electricity and cable equipment. With 160 million telephone poles in the U.S., that translates into a lot of time, effort and money. What if a mobile GIS solution could streamline the process?

Linda Duffy
2 years and 9 months ago

Taking Mobile LiDAR for a Test Drive

A new rental program seeks to change the mobile LiDAR market by making the technology more accessible and understandable.

Christine Grahl
2 years and 9 months ago

How Allpoint Systems Is Making BIM Easier

When Aaron Morris, Ph.D., founder and president of Pittsburgh-based Allpoint Systems, launched Scan-time data collection and registration software in April 2012, his goal was to streamline the workflow of laser scanning. This week, Morris is introducing another improvement—one that changes how users interact with the scan data.

Christine Grahl
2 years and 10 months ago

Why Trimble’s R10 GNSS System Is Turning Heads

Trimble held an official unveiling of its new R10 GNSS survey solution in a virtual broadcast on October 23. Is it really as innovative as Trimble claims? Find out what people are saying about the new technology.

Christine Grahl
2 years and 11 months ago

Software Development With a Social Twist

Firms that don’t have their own software development experts on staff might benefit from a new approach to the creation of project management and accounting apps.

Christine Grahl
about 3 years and 3 weeks ago

The Growing Popularity of Leica Data Sharing Tools (Video)

Although the cloud has actually existed for quite some time, new iterations are making online file sharing easier and more secure—leading to an increasing demand for services such as Leica Exchange and myWorld.

Christine Grahl
3 years and 3 months ago

Innovations from LFM Make Point Clouds Easier to Manage (Video)

Graham Dalton, vice president of 3D data capture for AVEVA/LFM, and Matthew Craig, business development manager, share details on the latest product developments from LFM, including the release of LFM Server 4.1 and LFM NetView.

Christine Grahl
3 years and 5 months ago