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Topcon Announces Acquisition of Leading In-Cab Mounted Console Manufacturer

Topcon Positioning Group announces the complete acquisition of Wachendorff Elektronik GmbH and Wachendorff Electronics Inc. in a private transaction.

2 days ago

LizardTech Updates Educational Licensing Program in Time for GIS Day

LizardTech, a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing digital content, is celebrating GIS Day by offering its complete product line to the students and faculty of higher education institutions for use in a research and teaching environment. Included in the program are the latest versions of GeoExpress, Express Server, LiDAR Compressor, and GeoGofer.

2 days ago

MAPPS Winter Conference

MAPPS Salutes GIS Day

Has Congress ever wondered about the technology behind your GPS app? How have Federal agencies partnered with the private sector to map ocean bottoms so deep it would crush a human body or mountain ranges so remote you need a yak to get there?

2 days ago

RIEGL USA to Exhibit at Autodesk University 2014

RIEGL USA will be exhibiting at Autodesk University 2014.

2 days ago

At UAS Mapping Forum in Reno, Velodyne Demonstrates Lightweight 3D LiDAR Puck

In a high-flying debut, Velodyne LiDAR unveiled its new LiDAR Puck to the UAV market at the ASPRS UAS/UAV Mapping Forum 2014 in Reno, October 21-22 –- and teamed up with leading players to put new implementations on the map.

2 days ago

Topcon Announces GLONASS Signal Tracking Capability

Topcon Positioning Group announces its latest GNSS reference receiver, the NET-G5, is capable of tracking a new signal from the GLONASS constellation.

14 November 2014

Scene Sharp Technologies Introduces Fuze Go MS Sharp 2.1

Scene Sharp Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Fuze Go MS Sharp Release 2.1, the only software that can pansharpen  up to 30 bands of satellite image data consistently and accurately without losing information.

13 November 2014

GSSI Announces Handheld Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete Inspection Industry

GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, announces its StructureScan Mini series, ideal for the concrete inspection industry.

13 November 2014

URISA’s GIS Management Institute Invites Participation in 2014 Organizational GIS Survey

URISA’s GIS Management Institute (GMI) is inviting GIS Managers everywhere to participate in the “2014 State of Organizational GIS Survey”.

13 November 2014

DT Research Rolls Out Series of Highly Integrated, High Accuracy GNSS Tablets

DT Research, Inc., an industry leader in the development of information appliances for vertical markets, announced the new line of rugged tablets with the GNSS modules for mapping applications.

13 November 2014