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How Dairy Farmers Can Be a Model for Geospatial Firms

When a business is struggling, it seems obvious to look at successful firms in the same market for ideas on how to improve operations. But when an entire business model is at risk due to changes in technology and the overall economic environment, a different strategy is needed.

Claire Kiedrowski, CP 09 November 2012

6 Characteristics of Award-Winning Firms

AeroMetric took home the Grand Award on Tuesday in the 2012 MAPPS Excellence Awards competition, and five other companies were also honored for their contributions to the geospatial profession. What do these firms have in common, and what can you learn from them?

Christine Grahl 01 November 2012

How to Stretch Your Business Resources

Can a small business succeed as well as a large firm, despite having a smaller staff, fewer resources and a miniscule marketing budget? Absolutely—with the right strategy.

Claire Kiedrowski, CP 10 October 2012

Why the Next Few Months Are So Crucial

If your firm is a contractor to a federal agency, or does work for state or local government agencies that receive federal funds, or if you are just a taxpayer, there are a number of deadlines, milestones and actions in the coming weeks and months that deserve your attention. Task orders, cash flow, the volume of work under those contracts, and your taxes are all at stake.

John Palatiello 01 October 2012

Is This Surveying?

Recently the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA), manager of the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN), issued a request for proposals (RFP) for a statewide mapping project. The procurement raised several important issues, not the least of which is: What constitutes the practice of surveying?

John Palatiello 27 September 2012

What the FAA is Getting Wrong on LiDAR Systems

Over the past few months, the FAA has made it increasingly difficult for operators to perform aerial LiDAR missions by classifying mapping LiDAR as a harmful laser. The FAA is missing some fundamental details in its classification that should be re-examined.

Nick Palatiello 20 August 2012

Congress Puts FEMA, Highways on the Map

Legislation recently passed by Congress and signed by President Obama will result in hundreds of millions of dollars a year in geospatial activities. How will the bill impact your firm?

Nick Palatiello 09 August 2012

Why the EMR Deserves a Closer Look

If your firm has ever been rejected for a contract because of its experience modification rate (EMR), then you know how damaging this number can be. How can you prevent this from happening in the future?

D. Ken Brown, PLS 09 August 2012

Engineers and Surveyors: Joining Forces for the Future

Competitive pressures and the tremendous advances in technology and software are increasing the complexities of serving the built industry. Now more than ever, engineers and surveyors must work together to turn these challenging times into opportunity.

D. Ken Brown, PLS 21 June 2012

What Does it Take to be a ‘Winning’ Firm?

SAM, Inc., a provider of geospatial data solutions based in Austin, Texas, has been on a winning streak lately, receiving accolades from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), Engineering News Record, and Ernst and Young. What’s the company’s secret?

Christine Grahl 20 June 2012