Photogrammetry GeoData Product News

LiDAR Specialist rapidlasso GmbH receives Green Asia Award

The award was presented at the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2015.

one week and 16 hours ago

Microsoft Releases Upgraded UltraMap Software

Version 3.9 brings increased data capabilities and efficiency.

about 4 months and 3 weeks ago

Icaros to Unveil New Photogrammetric Visualization Application at Esri UC

Icaros, Inc. to introduce a powerful new photogrammetric visualization application at the 2014 Esri User Conference.

one year and 4 months ago

Tablet Developed to Accurately Scan and Measure in 3D

E-Capture R&D, a technology-based company, intends to revolutionize the world of measuring with a new generation of portable, easy to use and highly accurate instruments, optimal for most of architecture and civil engineering jobs.

one year and 5 months ago

I.F. Rooks Takes Low-Altitude Photogrammetry to Next Level with Leica RCD30 Camera

Leica Geosystems Inc. announced that I.F. Rooks & Associates, Inc., an aerial photogrammetry firm based in Plant City, Fla., has expanded its services with the purchase of a Leica RCD30 medium-format digital camera. Rooks is the first firm in Florida to implement the complete RCD30 sensor solution on a helicopter.

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one year and 8 months ago

ASPRS Names New Executive Director

Dr. Michael Hauck replaces James Plasker as organization’s leader

one year and 10 months ago

Sharper Image: Tuck Mapping Produces Quality Elevations

Established as an engineering firm in 1985, Tuck Mapping has grown to a full-service photogrammetric and mapping services company that hasn’t strayed far from its roots. Its most recent success came with the integration of the Leica RCD30 and the Applanix POSTrack GNSS/IMU flight management system.

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2 years and 2 months ago

Photogrammetry to Play Bigger Role In The Future

For some, there is an epic battle between LiDAR and photogrammetry.  I believe this is like choosing a screwdriver or a hammer — different tools for different jobs, but equally valuable for a project’s success.

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2 years and 3 months ago

AeroMetric’s Olson and Perkins Receive MAPPS President’s Award

Aero-Metric President and CEO Patrick Olson and Vice President of Federal Programs Scott Perkins received President’s Awards at the 2013 MAPPS Summer Conference.

2 years and 3 months ago

Visual Intelligence Unveils Infrastructure Metric Mapping System

Visual Intelligence unveiled its new geoimaging solution for infrastructure metric mapping and surveying, the iOne Infrastructure Metric Mapping System (iOne IMS).

2 years and 5 months ago