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Accuracy of LiDAR Deliverables a Complex Concept

A client told me the other day that some vendors are promising vertical accuracy of LiDAR deliverables that exceed the LiDAR manufacturer specifications for that system and asked: Is it legitimate for a service provider to promise better accuracy than manufacturer specifications? Or, are service providers overselling their LiDAR services by promising high vertical accuracies?

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Geospatial Highlights Week of 4/12

Each week GeoDataPoint finds a selection of good reads related to hot topics in the geospatial community. This week, Google is making headlines with its purchase of solar-powered drone company Titan Aerospace; read about a University of Connecticut researcher's pioneering LiDAR project, which recently earned international acclaim for uncovering Rhode Island history; and a drone bill sparks constitutional debate in Louisiana Senate committee.

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Next on the Horizon: LiDAR UAV without GPS

At the recent ILMF Conference in Denver, the high level of interest in UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) continued as several new systems were introduced. One of the intriguing products demonstrated at the show was an Octocopter UAV carrying a Velodyne HDL-32E LiDAR sensor weighing only about 2 pounds.

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Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Gold Medal Business Practices

Nothing relaxes me more than kicking back after work watching sports competition. So the 17 days of the XXII Olympic Winter Games was almost as good as a vacation. Now that the flame has been extinguished in Sochi I wonder what subliminal message about my business of 3D data documentation these 88 nations and 2,871 athletes provided me.

Michael R. Frecks, LS 13 March 2014

What Do LiDAR Data and Video Games Have in Common?

With expectations on the rise that all information should be available at the click of a mouse, it only makes sense that LiDAR users have lost patience with waiting to load, view and manipulate large point cloud data sets, and viewing only select points or working with a few tiles at a time isn’t acceptable. Today’s sophisticated users want all the data all the time, just like a gamer enjoying a non-stop virtual reality adventure on an Xbox One.

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Trimble Launches New Airborne LiDAR Systems

Trimble announced two new additions to its airborne LiDAR portfolio. The Trimble AX60i and AX80 are highly capable, versatile systems that meet the demands of aerial survey operators for corridor and wide area mapping projects.

20 February 2014

Riegl Unveils UAS LiDAR Sensor

VUX-1 can handle emerging surveying solutions

05 February 2014

Quantum Spatial Partners with Hawkeye Helicopter for LiDAR Collection

Quantum Spatial, Inc. (formerly Aero-Metric, Inc.), has entered into a Master Services Agreement with Hawkeye Helicopter, LLC to provide precision helicopter-mounted LiDAR solutions to both Quantum Spatial and Hawkeye clients.

19 December 2013

UTEC StarNet Announces North Sea Laser Survey Work

UTEC StarNet has announced the company is performing laser surveys on the Shearwater platform in the North Sea.

19 December 2013

New Lidar Data Sets Available From NOAA Digital Coast Website

Many new lidar data sets recently have been added to the NOAA Digital Coast website and are available for customized download.

11 December 2013