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7 Drone and Driverless Car Trends for 2016

The year 2016 will be a year of continuous improvements and new technology debuts for both drones and driverless cars. While many of these improvements will be in the areas of LiDAR, sensors, GPS and new computer chip and storage technologies, there are also policy and ergonomics considerations that enter into these seven notable trends.

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one week and 3 days ago

MAPPS Announces 2015 Excellence Award Winners

Teledyne Optech wins grand award, plus Technology Innovation category.

one day and 21 hours ago

RIEGL LMS-Q1560 LiDAR Helps AXIS Deliver Higher Data Density

AXIS can now fly higher and faster when conducting aerial LiDAR scans.

2 days and 4 minutes ago

ASI Expands Large-Area LiDAR Capabilities With Leica ALS70-HP

The Leica ALS70-HP is designed for mapping at the most common flying heights.

2 days and 27 minutes ago

How GPS, Sensor Tracking, Geospatial Imaging Benefit Companies

As a central part of system automation and informed decision making, business analytics and the use of big data will play a major role in supply chain, logistics and infrastructure management. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT), with its sensors that record information along the points in the supply chain and transportation infrastructures, can alert managers of traffic jams, infrastructure repair needs and the timeliness of goods transport. This sensor tracking is particularly effective when it links into GPS tracking and geographic information systems (GIS).

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one week and 3 days ago

Lanmar Services ‘Blown Away’ By Thinkbox’s Sequoia

Thinkbox Software’s Sequoia saves time for 3D construction model specialist.

about 2 weeks and 4 days ago

ILMF Keynote Speaker Announced

The keynote will cover the use of airborne LiDAR to uncover ancient information.

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about 3 weeks and 2 days ago

Bluesky Cuts Aerial Photomap Production Time By 75 Percent

Implementation of Vexcel UltraMap system leads to continuous processing

3 weeks and 2 days ago

Teledyne Optech OSIRIS-Rex LiDAR System To Survey In Space

LiDAR space mission to inform how the solar system came to be.

3 weeks and 4 days ago

Teledyne Optech To Attend Transportation Research Board Meeting

The latest model of the Optech Lynx for 3D data at highway speeds will be on display.

one month and 4 days ago