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TerraGo Releases TerraGo Edge 3.9.3

TerraGo vice president of worldwide sales calls it a dramatic shift away from proprietary formats.

2 months and one week ago

Information Integration: Self-Driving Cars to Surveying

Whether it is self-driving cars or surveying, maps on record don’t always reflect physical reality. Roads are modified, renamed, closed for construction, etc., and in some cases it becomes relevant if there are potholes or other hazards awaiting vehicles. In a survey project, these physical realities can play a major role if a surveyor is engaged to help chart a route for a truck trying to access a remote mining site over difficult-to-navigate terrain, or even in a case where surveying activities are taking place on urban streets or at a construction site with unforeseen hazards.

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3 months and one week ago

Florida Utility Cuts Costs With Terrago Edge

The utilities department is utilizing mobile devices instead of handhelds.

4 months and one week ago

How GPS, Sensor Tracking, Geospatial Imaging Benefit Companies

As a central part of system automation and informed decision making, business analytics and the use of big data will play a major role in supply chain, logistics and infrastructure management. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT), with its sensors that record information along the points in the supply chain and transportation infrastructures, can alert managers of traffic jams, infrastructure repair needs and the timeliness of goods transport. This sensor tracking is particularly effective when it links into GPS tracking and geographic information systems (GIS).

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about 4 months and 4 weeks ago

7 Drone and Driverless Car Trends for 2016

The year 2016 will be a year of continuous improvements and new technology debuts for both drones and driverless cars. While many of these improvements will be in the areas of LiDAR, sensors, GPS and new computer chip and storage technologies, there are also policy and ergonomics considerations that enter into these seven notable trends.

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about 4 months and 4 weeks ago

TerraGo Edge 3.9 Offers Improved Task Management Tools

Latest TerraGo Edge version available now on iOS and Android.

5 months and one week ago

A Reality Check On Driverless Cars

The issues are now squarely on the radar of driverless technology developers, LIDAR and sensor manufacturers. Now it is a matter of taking each issue and developing the right technologies and man-machine interfaces that can make driverless cars not only autonomous, but responsive to the human foibles of driving in heavy traffic, coupled with the need to resort to technology alternatives when primary systems fail.

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6 months and 4 weeks ago

NSGIC Calls For National Address Database

The National States Geographic Information Council sees great value in the data resource.

7 months and one week ago

Leading Firm Replaces GPS Handhelds With TerraGo Edge

Solution will be used on iPads for seismic studies and wetlands delineation projects.

7 months and 2 weeks ago

Firm Gives Back With GPS, Land Surveying Training For Students

Civil engineering students at Point Park University benefited from R.A. Smith National’s hands-on demo.

7 months and 3 weeks ago