Bim GeoData Product News

Shrinking the Planet with Global Jobsites

New geospatial technologies enable close collaboration among teams spread over great distances. The approach is transforming the way things are built.

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one month and 2 weeks ago

INTERGEO Launches 2016 Conference Program

Topics covered are said to be “as diverse as the geo community itself.”

one week and 3 days ago

Autodesk, Topcon Increasing Scanner, ReCap Integration

Users can now directly import scan data into ReCap.

one week and 3 days ago

A Total Look: The Power of GIS, 3D BIM Together

From a cost and labor standpoint, the beauty of BIM has always been its noninvasiveness.  Architects and builders can see the electrical, plumbing, heating and cabling “bones” of structures in virtual renderings, and they can determine how to build around them with minimal disruption. Because BIM can plug into an assortment of other digital technologies, it also seems natural that to extend it to work with geospatial imagery and GIS in general.

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one month and 2 weeks ago

Geospatial Intelligence: Is Anybody (Skilled) Out There?

Universities and other institutions of higher learning are being called upon to provide geospatial intelligence training, but in many cases there is a “disconnect” between what these institutions are teaching and what industry really needs. On the flip side, companies themselves are not prepared to train employees on the job, and many don't want to.

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3 months and 4 weeks ago

Assemble Systems, iSqFt Partner To Enhance BIM Sharing

Sharing of 3D models between general contractors and subcontractors made easier.

5 months and 4 days ago

Lanmar Services ‘Blown Away’ By Thinkbox’s Sequoia

Thinkbox Software’s Sequoia saves time for 3D construction model specialist.

5 months and 5 days ago

Topcon Invests In Viasys VDC

Viasys VDC specializes in virtual design and construction models.

5 months and 2 weeks ago

Augmented Reality Enriches Land Surveying, Site Construction

Despite the potential benefits that augmented reality (AR) can deliver to surveyors and builders, the technology is relatively unexploited. One reason is that decision makers in these industries — like those in other industries — really don’t know very much about what augmented reality is, or how it can bring business benefits to their organizations. There are several steps companies can take to test the waters for new AR apps that can benefit their businesses without prematurely committing their budgets.

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5 months and 3 weeks ago

Inaugural Capturing Reality Forum Deemed A Great Success

The blending of ELMF and SPAR Europe events proved fruitful, organizers say.

6 months and 3 weeks ago