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BIM Saves Money and Effort in Building Construction

Eighty-six percent of U.S. and Canadian construction contractors have been using building information modeling (BIM) for three or more years, with almost half of contractors from large and mid-sized companies claiming highly advanced BIM skills.

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about 3 months and 2 weeks ago

Geospatial Highlights Week of 5/26

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. We'll start this week's roundup with a quirky one: Martha Stewart expounds on her love of UAVs in Vanity Fair this month. She says she owns a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition and uses it to survey her property. She recommends readers buy it! In other links, Autodesk partners with the National Park Service and other vendors to begin an incredible survey of the historic USS Arizona; and there's an interesting discussion from an Australian site about proving the benefits of BIM.

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6 months and 2 weeks ago

Latest Version of Topcon Laser Scanner Software Includes Enhanced Cloud Capability

ScanMaster v3.0 comes equipped with a cloud-to-cloud registration solution designed to enhance field and scanning workflows.

5 months and 3 days ago

Year in Review: BIM

Here's a look at some of 2013's biggest technology stories focused on BIM.

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11 months and 3 weeks ago

BIM Focus at Autodesk University

Among the nearly 10,000 attendees last week at Autodesk University 2013 in Las Vegas, the buzz was all about building information modeling (BIM), evolving technology and what the future may hold. Autodesk unveiled several technologies related to BIM during the annual user conference.

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one year and 5 days ago

Leica Announces BIM Field Trip

New solution connects field information to the model in the office

about one year and 2 weeks ago

Topcon Introduces BIM 3D Layout Solution for Construction

Topcon Positioning Group announces a new BIM solution – the LN-100 – the world’s first 3D positioning system designed specifically for construction layout.

about one year and 2 weeks ago

Topcon Announces Products, Upgrades

Topcon Positioning Group announced the release of its Hybrid Robotic System, featuring the new DS series robotic total station and the recently announced MAGNET v2.0 software suite. Other Topcon components include the economical HiPer SR GNSS receiver and Tesla large-screen tablet controller.

one year and 2 months ago

Making BIM Work For You

Building Information Modeling offers countless opportunities to improve efficiency in building construction. By understanding BIM concepts and applications, geospatial professionals can open new avenues for growth.

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one year and 2 months ago

Autodesk’s Point Layout Software Boosts Accuracy, Productivity

Autodesk’s newest software promises to make work easier and more accurate in the field. The automatic point creation program allows information to be transferred to a robotic total station for layout, providing contractors laser-guided accuracy for the placement and verification of building elements on their tablets.

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one year and 3 months ago