Geospatial Highlights: FAA OKs Drones to Monitor Wildfires

This week, we begin with a return to drones and wildfires as the Federal Aviation Administration for the first time approves the use of drones to monitor Washington wildfires. Also of interest: the best drone photography of the year; MIT researchers create LiDAR system for photographers; 3D app for iPad; Obama unveils 3D mapping initiative; and more.

Benita Mehta 17 July 2014

University Researches Driverless Vehicles with Sensor, Mapping Technology

The University of Michigan is becoming a leader in the development of automated and networked vehicles. The university in Ann Arbor, Michigan has launched multiple experiments incorporating sensors and mapping technology as part of their effort to advance driverless vehicle research.

Melanie Krouse 17 July 2014

Geospatial Highlights: The Drone PR Problem; Fighting Wildfires with LiDAR

This week, national media outlets have been talking about everything from drones to LiDAR to cloud-based mapping to driverless cars. Time magazine has some polarizing commentary exploring the public perception of "good drones" vs. "bad drones."

Benita Mehta 10 July 2014

Weather Satellites: Private Data Poised to Improve the Forecast

A new commercial weather satellite industry is ready to step in and address expected gaps in weather data by augmenting government systems with data that is less expensive, collected more frequently, and delivered more quickly than currently available data.

Linda Duffy 10 July 2014

Commercial UAVs Just Around the Corner

We have only to look to our northern neighbor to see drones that are already being placed into commercial use. In Canada, commercial drones that are outfitted with high-definition cameras or infrared sensors are being used in agriculture to monitor crops.

Mary Shacklett 03 July 2014

Geospatial Highlights: China’s Supercaves, ‘Time Scanners’ on PBS

"National Geographic" has an amazing feature on a team of explorers who used 3D laser scanning technology to create a map of some of the world's largest caves in China. The images are stunning. The magazine's website has the scans and even offers a 3D tour of the caves.

Benita Mehta 03 July 2014