Septentrio Unveils new Altus APS3G RTK Receiver

The next-generation GNSS RTK technology for surveyors tracks all current and projected signals.

about one day and 12 hours ago

LiDAR Sensors Meet Florida Citrus

According to Tom McPeek, CEO and founder of AGERpoint Inc., a lot more can be done with geospatial technology to spread precision agriculture into a sub-market of farmers who grow permanent crops that develop on a tree, vine or bush as opposed to annuals that grow in a field, often low to the ground.

Valerie King
about 2 days and 16 hours ago

Geo Positions: Detecting Change Over Time With 3D Models

Upon obtaining a degree in geography from the University of Dusseldorf in Germany about 10 years ago, Sandra Bond came to the U.S. as an exchange student to write her thesis on the San Andreas fault. “Then I just ended up staying,” she says. Now, a decade later, she has worked her way up to the role of geographer and LiDAR analyst with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Valerie King
2 days and 16 hours ago

LizardTech Launches Express Server 9.5

Express Server helps users quickly access images from a variety of devices and connections.

one week and one day ago

GeoMobile Innovations Upgrades GeoBullseye for ArcPad

GeoBullseye is a 3D (XYZ) RTK GNSS solution for Esri workflows.

one week and one day ago

A Total Look: The Power of GIS, 3D BIM Together

From a cost and labor standpoint, the beauty of BIM has always been its noninvasiveness.  Architects and builders can see the electrical, plumbing, heating and cabling “bones” of structures in virtual renderings, and they can determine how to build around them with minimal disruption. Because BIM can plug into an assortment of other digital technologies, it also seems natural that to extend it to work with geospatial imagery and GIS in general.

Mary E. Shacklett
one week and 6 days ago