Will Land Surveying Take To The Cloud?

The ability to access surveying tools and maps by simply tapping into it from a mobile device or a laptop gives surveyors on-the-ground, real time information when they need it, and also gives them a place to store new survey data without having to worry about transporting their data to a physical facility. The survey information they gather can then be further integrated into other data or applications in the cloud, or ultimately integrated with survey data that is stored at the home office.

Mary Shacklett
3 weeks and 6 days ago

The Levels Of The Profession – What Level Are You At?

As I sit back, being a bit long in the tooth in my chosen profession, I have reflected on how my role has changed from when I entered into the craft. So for those of you that have been around long enough to know what “long in the tooth” means or for those that have your whole career before you, I offer you my levels of the profession.

Bryan Merritt
one month and 6 days ago

Technological Ecosystems: The Power of Blended Technologies

Integrated systems enable geospatial professionals to provide new value in services and deliverables.

Ron Bisio
about 2 months and 5 days ago

Perception - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

These days, the word drone is used to refer to just about any kind of remote-controlled, unmanned aircraft. That could mean a consumer-grade quadcopter or a slightly more advanced octocopter. But it has a negative connotation. It hasn’t helped any that many of these quadcopters in the hands of amateurs have caused further negative impact on a technology that has proven a valuable tool for commercial use. Regardless of size, the responsibility to fly safely applies equally to manned and unmanned aircraft operations.

Michael R. Frecks, LS
2 months and 2 weeks ago

British Cavers Scan Largest Chambers in the World

Interesting projects were in abundance at the recent RIEGL LiDAR conferences in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, but cave explorers seemed to capture everyone’s attention. Andy Eavis and Richard Walters, of the British Caving Association, discussed their project during a user session in Hong Kong and also offered a keynote presentation at the start of the Guangzhou conference.

Benita Mehta
3 months and one week ago

One Step Closer to Commercial Operations for UAS

Efforts to develop commercial markets for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are ramping up as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continues to loosen restrictions. During AUVSI’s recent Unmanned Systems 2015 conference, FAA chief Michael Huerta made a welcome announcement about new research projects that will focus on beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations in precision agriculture and railroad infrastructure inspection and management. By granting permission for UAS to be studied and evaluated for these particular applications, the FAA is demonstrating a willingness to safely accommodate certain commercial activities in the future.

Linda Duffy
3 months and 2 weeks ago